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Mediosis Mediosis Care

Mediosis Care

A comprehensive system that connects with other aspects of the system. This system was designed with the input of multiple practitioners. It is a cloud based system designed with AI integration built in to assist the practitioner. This system connects all information of a given patient to all members of the care team thereby improving outcomes. As a result, there is no repetition of unnecessary tests. Mediosis care is built around ease of use and is user friendly. It has the latest updates in order to keep information up to date increasing effective patient care. It integrates with Mediosis Recall, Pharcogeomics, Alternative Therapy, Air, and Therapeutics. In addition, this application has pricing inbuilt. It displays price on the individual insurance and an alternative lower cost via coupon when available. These enhancements were built with the idea of decreasing redundancy thereby increasing adherence and improving outcomes as patients are using the right drugs.