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Mediosis Mediosis Therapeutics

Mediosis Therapeutics

In today’s world of integrated patient care, the pharmacy is often the last and forgotten step. Mediosis Therapeutics is a comprehensive system built around getting the pharmacist back to the patient while being a part of the care team. This system is built with workflow efficiencies in mind from a system, software, and hardware aspect. The future of pharmacy is one where a pharmacist is able to assist a patient irrespective of where they are in the country or world. As a result, we have built systems where a pharmacist can do their job with confidence that the patient is getting the right drug,to the pill level based on our proprietary algorithm. In addition, this system integrates with the other aspects of the clinical outcomes suite (especially with care) to allow the pharmacist to have the most up to date patient data. This allows for the pharmacist to impact patient adherence by making effective clinical recommendations while keeping the safety of the patient front and center.